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Design challenge for Inflection
Illustrator, Sketch


The design team of Inflection provided an original design and copy for their product, PeopleSmart. The challenge was to transform this design and then explain the design decisions that were created.

Mobile Original


First step I took was analyzing the existing content of the email. I took note through a wireframe perception and separated the email into logo, content, features, information and other.

From that point, I looked into the content of the email to determine a hierarchy of information most effective in reaching out to the consumer.

Mobile Mockup


I researched as much as I could about the product, PeopleSmart to understand the core of this visual translation process. I revisited website over again to see how I could attempt to make sure the email represented the  content of the website.

I also looked at a previous email from, another product of Inflection to get a feel of the Inflection brand.


Aside from only aesthetics, I looked into what makes for effective email marketing as told by numbers.


Through a few articles and statistics collected, I took into account facts
such as:

Users tend to open emails that have been between 60-70 characters in their subject line

Mobile email opens account for 47 of all email opens

Users need easily tappable buttons for mobile apps and emails

With these facts in mind, I shortened the email subject line and split it with the opening graphic. 


After taking all the research and analysis into account, I begin to visualize what type of feel PeopleSmart should really give off in this email.

I wanted the email to show off some of Inflection's core values. I attempted to create a visual that resonated with emotions of excellence, trust, balance and more.


Throughout execution, I prototyped and tested multiple versions to friends
and family.

I also tried out different

structures such as a drop-down menu sort of feel or tool bar scheme. The separated circles seemed to be the most simplistic yet clear for the audiences I had surveyed.

Desktop Mockup

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