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Sentry Brand Campaign

Had the opportunity to be part of Sentry's first official brand campaign. We collaborated with our  VP of Marketing, Sr. Growth Director and Head of Engineering over the course of two months to meet a rigorous branding launch
(15+ dynamic brand ads in over 10 different major cities)
3425158 Sentry BCEM San Francisco 6269 2022.03 (2).jpg

"Sentry can't fix this."

Why? Why would you say this? 

For this campaign, our leadership team decided to focus on brand awareness as one of the main measures of success. Given our brand strength in illustrations, we decided to pair an easy to read visual with just enough words to be memorable. 

As we rolled out the early stages of our campaign, some people were delighted and filled with joy - others were confused and maybe even angry.


Luckily we welcomed both praise and critique as all discussions helped sparked conversation and curiosity- What CAN Sentry fix then? What the hell is Sentry?

Screen Shot 2022-05-03 at 12.17.49 PM.png
0BB1008-1 (Sentry - Sentry can_t fix this) Close.jpg

Near final wireframes

Early Phases - Concepts and Sketches

Illustrations by Hannah Katz and Drew Lytle 

Concepts, layout, color system by me




Display Ads

Sentry Brand Camp - NoseCar.png
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